Thursday, December 23, 2010


My cousin's dogs had babies about 3 weeks ago. Her dog is a Pom/Pekingese and Yorkie/Shih Ztu. So the babies are like... a 1/4 of everything lol. Funny thing is, both her dogs have white fur and most of the pups were black. There are 5 girls & 1 boy pup. We get to take one home in 4 more weeks :). We went to go visit them today...

The puppy batch!

As soon as I saw them, I wanted this one... but my cousin already had dibs on it. :'(

They were so cuddly and cute <3333 ahhhh. The black one on top is mine :) look how tiny they are compared to my hand

Our puppy :) She's a girl. We believe that since both her parents have white fur her color might change. Ahhh and we have yet to decide on a name for her. Any suggestions?


    Yeah, I'd want the one from the second pic too, to bad its hers. D: Its just curled up in cuteness!

    but your puppy looks so darling. look at that little nose, and the tiny flappy ears. OH and the paws. . .

    I can't stop squealing.

  2. Omg how adorable !!! Merry Christmas ! Your blog is so cute ! So glad u found you !!!

    Please follow me too :)

  3. So cuteee!! I also want a puppy but my building doesn't allow dogs which sucks, cute nails ^^

  4. I love me a puppy but I am sooo allergic :-( That hasn't stopped me but I have had to give them all away to family members or friends after a while so now no more! I think Oreo would be a cute name since she's black now and may turn white or have a mixture. Love the blog, super cute. Http://