Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Off subject

So I went to see this movie this past weekend. It's based on the true story of "Irish" Micky Ward's struggle with his family and his upcoming boxing career. It's really good, it's one of those movies that you'd enjoy watching with your boo. Celebrities starring in this movie include: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

Amy Adams. I want to talk about her for a little bit. She did a fabulous job breaking away from her Disney movie character and into the tough, supportive girlfriend. I'm not gonna lie, when I saw her in the movie it caught me off guard because all I could picture was Giselle from Enchanted.

"I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss"


  1. I didn't even know she was in that movie. I'm most likely going to have to think of you when it comes to the Enchanted movie. She's going to have mices come into the house to clean. LOL!

  2. I heard that movies was really good and I loved Amy Adams in Enchanted. Too funny! ^.^

  3. love her. Have to see it.xx

  4. I only know her from Catch me if you can.
    with the braces thing hehe =)

  5. I saw this tonight! Excellent:)

  6. stumbled on to your page, really like it. :D

    That's Amy Adams, it didn't even click till now! Hm, now I gotta see this movie because I can't even think of her any other way except her character in Enchanted.

  7. I want to see that movie, I don't think it's out yet over here.

    Apparently in the film they make out he won a world title though which isn't exactly true.

    A film on Arturo Gatti would be better!

    Thx for the review anyway!