Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miu Miu swallow print nails

Just did my nails. It's late, so I had to use flash. Obviously, the photo didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. (Confession: I only did my left side... har har har.) I'm tired, so the right side's gonna have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe then I'll have better photos to share :)

PS. Like doing your nails? Having a hard time finding places with thin nail art brushes or nail art rhinestones/designs for CHEAP? I found this website (click here) today, enjoy!


  1. You have such pretty nails!!!!

  2. deine finger nägel sehen toll aus! und dein blog ist auch sehr toll! mach weiter so :)

  3. @rjanet, thank you love! They actually just chipped today so now I have to cut and file them again :(

    @Nora, I'm sorry hun! I didn't know what language your comment was in until I went to your page. German, right? I had to use a translator to figure out what you said & thank you!!! You're beautiful and your blog looks great as well! <3

  4. Those look AMAZING!!
    you are soo talented !!

    please check out my blog, and follow if you like !!